Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Double Denim Mayhem x Richmond Park

Saturday gone I spent the afternoon at the park, with some awesome people from the church I attend in Kingston. The sun was out so that was a good enough reason to spend the afternoon in Richmond Park, chilling, eating, exercising and singing. I opted for a double denim look- just casual- nothing fancy. Would prefer to wear this outfit with heels- but that's for another day! Instead I wore my TOMS, which I have not worn in donkey years! You should get a pair- seriously comfy and when you buy a pair, a pair of shoes goes to a child without shoes! Win win! 
Regarding the bag- I copped it in a Chinese subway mall. I love the color arrangements. And it only cost me 8 quid! Happy days! Seriously, you get some great deals in China- was hard not to shop everywhere you went.
As you can tell from the pictures- we were playing around a lot with shots- very experimental. Shout out to Bianca for the shoot and additional pictures! 
Until next time. Hope revision is going accordingly! Two weeks till my first exam!! Ahhhhhh!!

Abigail. She is just the cutest (and tech-savvy) 2 year old I know!



  1. Hi,great post love, look lovely.

    Please check out my recent posts?

    1. Hey! thanks for the love.

      Replied on your blog now following.
      Great style

      Shanté xx


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