Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The sun wants to play!

Finally the sun is here! What wonderful weekend weather us Londoners had, right?! Twas brill! It seems like it is here to stay! Yay! This outfit is perfect for a summer's evening night out with friends. Or a day chilling in the park (with sandals). Or shopping. Or wherever, really. It's quite simple, but with these fab heels and my AWESOME sequined denim jacket, this grey plain maxi dress is jazzed up! I've mentioned it before on the blog, but I love, love, love this jacket. My mum knows my style (it was my birthday present) and went right when she decided to get me this. It's so unique, I've seen no one else with it (yay) and it's a compliment grabber everywhere I take it! Haha! I mean, I would compliment the person I see wearing this number myself!
Dress- H&M
Heels- ASOS
Jacket- Replay
Necklace- Primark

Photos by the awesome Stuart Tingini.

Oh, and next MONDAY I'm heading to Budapest (!!!) for a short holiday with two of my closest friends!! If you are a blogger in Budapest, we would love to meet you! Let me know. I'll be making a tumblr about the trip!! EXCITED! :D :D :D (click on the 'travel' tab)
Have you been Budapest? Where do you recommend we go?

Until next time,


  1. That jacket is gorgeous, love the sleeve detail! Have a fab holiday xx


    1. Cheers Abbie!! It's my pride and joy haha.
      And will do me best to make it fab!

  2. I also like the jacket! Goes well with the dress and neck piece. -XO.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks love. I LOVE the jacket!! So unique! It will suit you I reckon!! xx


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