Monday, 19 May 2014

Met Gala: My 10 best dressed.

I know I am late with this post, but better late than never eh?! Anyhoos, I found this list hard, all these ladies looked fab at the Met Gala 2014! I say this list is my top 10 out of ALL the attires I saw, and this isn't a ranking... sort of. Haha. Enjoy! 
Emma looks simply stunning. These shades of pink are working for her and doing her justice indeed! Props for her embracing her complexion- she is representing her signature colour (Legally Blonde ref haha). I LOVE this maxi skirt! The slit and the tail increase the sexiness of a typical maxi skirt. And with this simplistic hairdo, Emma looks great! 
I like the fact that Rosie wore something that is not typically seen at the Met Gala. This number is fantastic on her. This leather look is hot, hot, hot! I would love to rock it myself! The earrings and heels are great choices too. I could see Nikki Minaj wearing this haha. Black, gold and leopard rocks!!
Ahhhh Hailee, how you have grown. This is monochrome number is very pretty. Suits her well I say. Nothing much special about it, but I do like the front hem detail- great idea to show of those gorgeous stain shoes. 
Miss Badu, Miss Badu, Miss Badu!! Wow! This outfit is screaming class and style- the Erykah Badu way. She is in a league of her own- both fashion and music wise. I do not see her enough on red carpets. Nevertheless, when she is on one, you know that her outfit will be as awesome and as unique as she is.
I don't know where to start with this one! Just love. That is all. She (and her stylist) knows what works for her and fully takes advantage of it! And why not?! It seems like Rih can rock almost any outfit/hairstyle and have people follow suit. This is definitely an outfit for inspiration!
I have to say, I wasn't feeling that whole Topshop range that certain models were wearing at the Met Gala (see what Kendall Jenner and Chanel Iman wore for examples). HOWEVER, I have to say that Jourdan Dunn makes an exception! This dress is stunning on her! From the colour, her hair and lippy, her attire is on top form. Simply stunning and beautiful. The colour is just popping right off her skin!
Emmy looks so sweet in this gown. I love the print and the exaggeration of it. I would love to have an occasion to wear something like this too. One day... This print is perfect for this season and is just damn right pretty!
This Burberry number is something else! Dita has done a great job with accessorising this number. The red accents increase the va-va-voom of the dress! So stunning on her! Showing off her curves and all! And, it ties in with the theme of the Met Gala- with was Charles James! He would be proud!
Liu Wen definitely got the memo for this year's Met Gala theme! This is a perfect dress! The colour, volume and structure are just perfect! I love it! And Liu looks absolutely wonderful in it. 
Arizona Muse (awesome name btw) takes gold this time! It was a close call with her and Liu though. Both dresses are similar and equally stunning. However, I prefer this dress as it looks somewhat more 'neater'. I know what I mean! Haha! But saying that, I would find it hard to pick which one to wear, if I had to choose. It reminds me of summer and cool drinks in the sun for some reason haha! The hair is too slick back for me, but 

Great summer outfits inspiration, right?!
Do you agree? Let me know what you think!

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