Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Morocco Part 2

Warning: pictures galore!! I'm a visual girl, what can I say?
Check out day two of my recent holiday to the beautiful land of Morocco. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday- it was fabulous! It ended too quickly! Day two consisted of us, firstly, having a mini photo shoot around the riad and then walking to the Jardin Majorelle, taking in all the sites as we strolled. From our riad it was about 40 minutes (including the amount of times we stopped and asked for directions), nonetheless, it was great absorbing the atmosphere- eating strawberries-and taking pictures with random people- at their request, haha! 
Jardin Majorelle!! 
          A MUST visit if you're in Marrakech! Such stunning and tranquil gardens. Also, YSL memorial is there!
We got the horse and carriage back to the souks where we did more shopping- buying Moroccan traditional dress, a really pretty clutch, and pashminas amongst loads of other goodies! 
Pose was not planned! Haha! Like mother like daughter!
We ended the night in the famous Jamaa El Fna. It was full of LIFE! We started of with getting freshly squeezed  orange juice- now this is another MUST. Morocco is famous for its orange juice- and it is delicious!! Just something about it! 
We took in the night's street entertainment and even participated. Then we had fun with a monkey! That was something else- ever had a monkey on your head?! Haha!
Street food for dinner! Midnight dinner! Another MUST whilst in Marrakech. SO many places to choose from and they will all be calling you in, offering you deals haha! Lots of fun with the workers and the food was delicious as always- I loved every meal in Morocco! Delicious, fresh, enjoyable food!

Stay tuned for Part 3!!
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