Tuesday, 15 July 2014

One day in Paris.

*This is a long post, I know. It's spanning a whole day!*
As the title of this post states, I recently spent one day in Paris!! Ahhh I wish I was there longer, nevertheless, I am super super grateful that I was given the opportunity to...see the JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER couture show, as part of Paris Couture Week!! Yes, you read that right! It was such an amazing experience. Crazy amazing!
For the past month and a bit, I have been enrolled on a fashion course. This course has taken me, and the other 29 exclusively chosen participants, all over to meet designers, photographers and various other creatives. Which has been great, to say the least.(Check out my instagram! I've taken loads of pictures throughout the course). But obviously, the cherry, on top of the icing on the cake was our trip to PARIS!! So back to that! Haha!
With the lovely Tina, Nadine and Solafa.
The whole day was jam packed with activities. Admittedly, we didn't get to see much of Paris itself as we were literally going from one place to the other via the metro.
We arrived before noon and with a quick photo stop to take pictures for the Eurostar 'Next Generation' campaign, we then headed to meet Jean Charles de Castelbajac! He is good old mates with the legendary Tim&Barry and they hooked up this amazing opportunity to meet him. Now, I strongly urge to check out JD/DC (cool nickname right?! Haha) as he is a veteran in fashion. I love his designs and really wished he had something lying about not documented in his studio, so I could have taken it home haha! He is so humble and down to earth, as we had a told of his studio and he told us his story and gave us invaluable advise about perusing your goals and being the best you. Wise words from a wise, handsome man! His studio is amazing too! Filled with clothes he designed for the stars-including Beyoncé! Thanks to Lamia Lagha for showing us around and to JC/DCfor the selfie!
What Beyoncé wore in the 'Telephone' video!!
A JC/DC classic!
Next, the main event of the day- the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture fashion show! Watch here! Now this was something else! And something I could easily get used to haha! From entrance into the atelier to the finale, I loved it all. We were greeted with champagne and name placards beautifully tied to our seats. The invitations were so special too! It's all in the details. As we had time before the show started (as it was typically running late) we mingled with others, chatted and abused the endless amount of champagne!
After the show, as expected, JPG was swarmed by press. During this time, the atelier was slowly clearing, but we didn't leave,no. Because...we were going to meet him!! Some of us knew already, but when some found out, they were sooo excited! Haha! So, we had about 1 hour and 20 to play model on the catwalk, drink champagne and chat to others that were still hanging around. Then we got to meet the man himself. Bless him he must have been so tired, but he was still in good spirits. Happy to see young people I guess haha! He was lovely, he chatted with us and took pictures. It must have been around 10 minutes, but it felt so much quicker than that...and then he was gone.
It is definitely a show I will remember!!!
Jean-Paul Gaultier and I!!
The picture JPG RETWEETED!!
The day ended with us dining at this petite restaurant called Chez Michel on Rue de Belzunce. We had a three course meal. I opted for the fish soup (which was an acquired taste! Haha!), mash and duck and the most divine cherry pie I have ever had! Seriously, too yummy! I want it again now just thinking about it.
Now, the story would usually end here with dinner, but... on the way back on the Eurostar, in the café carriage, I met and spoke with ANNA WINTOUR!! It was a brief encounter, but an encounter nonetheless! If I see you and you ask me about it, I'll happily re-enact the 2 minutes for you! Haha!
Regarding my outfit, I wanted to do my version of Paris chic. Now Parisians are very conservative yet chic when it comes to fashion- so I thought I give it a go. Obviously with something I would wear anyways. But it has been a while since I've done an #allwhiteeverything outfit! The struggle is to stay white for the whole day! Haha!
Top- F21
Crop Pants- Wallis
Shoes-River Island
Watch-Juicy Couture
Faux Fur-TK Maxx

Btw, what do you think of the hair? Thought I'd try a little something different. Haha!

I would just like to say a massive THANKS to everyone and all the organisations that may this day possible. Stay tuned for a film about the day by Tim&Barry!!
Until next time,
All photos are mine, please ask permission to use. 

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