Monday, 24 November 2014

Print Overload.

Prints, prints, prints, I sure do love. Obviously. I saw this dress in River Island and I could not say no. (I need help guys…) I mean, this sums me up really. Prints and purple. Haha! So, in a way, it was destined to be mine. All for a ‘can’t complain’ price of ten quid!!! It is two sizes two big, but I don’t care- the ultimate shift dress, eh?! Haha!

I feel like I’m doing some sort of odd juxtapositioning here, pairing this dress with my JumpFromPaper bag, but it works! This 2-D bag is awesome. I love it. Looks flat, but not really Haha! I’m able to fit the essentials in it, for a day out. The bold black and white helps break up the colour intake on one’s eyes... just ever so slightly haha!

Dress- River Island
Bag- Jump from Paper
Heels- Primark

Until next time,

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