Wednesday, 27 February 2013

And so it begins...

First post!! Oooooo I'm exicted! Haha.

Okay! 3 reasons why I decided to finally start a blog on this here Wednesday 27th February 2013:

     1. Naomie Harris's stylist stopped me in Kingston town earlier and complimented my outfit, saying 'You must be a fashion student'. To which I replied, with a laugh , 'No, I study law'. 

     2. A friend, and fellow law student, asked to take pictures of my outfit today and insisted that I should start a blog, saying she loves my style.

     3. It is a week exactly until my 22nd birthday. (expressing no emotion right now). *Thought this was as valid as the first two haha.

I have always wanted to do a blog showcasing my unique outfits, other awesome people on this earth and to just sporadically splash whatever I want  (in a specific place) for the enjoyment of others to read and see- and comment! And what better place than my self-titled blog!! I went for the simplistic 'Shanté', because, I wanted to keep it simple. Like 'Oprah' and 'Trisha'. Plus it is my name, so I will remember it! Haha. But don't be fooled! This won't just be about me! It will be about YOU!! Let us all celebrate and thank God for giving us life! 

Please follow me, and I will follow back- it's awesome to see the blogging world from all aspects!

I am looking forward to where this blog journey takes me. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride with me!


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  1. yeah.... i found you. I am soo happy that you are starting the blog and cant wait to see what you post.

    Issie xox


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