Thursday, 19 May 2016


Recently, myself and fellow style bloggers attended a 'bloggers' sleepover' in Earls Court, London. We pretty much spent the night drinking wine, eating pizza, playing games and having fun. I have to say it was great to get together with other bloggers and get to hang out with them and just generally have a good girls' time. The night was sponsored my many brands (thanks guys!!). I say this to segway into the next part of this post: the reviews. 

But first, check out these pictures from what was a chilled night indeed. 

The last picture shows all the fabulous brands that treated us with gifts. This includes:


Aduna Moringa power definitely makes you 'Feel vibrant. Feel Good'. It is packed with protein which is always a plus and it has so many health benefits, which includes: healthy skin and energy release. I appreciate it for it natural goodness and the great ethos behind the brand. It has a 'different' taste which may not sit well with your palate if you are simply used to English cups of tea. Sweeten with honey if necessary. 

This drink to me tasted like having a cold ginger and lemon tea (the ginger and lemon flavor, obviously) and as I love ginger and lemon tea, this drink gets a thumbs up! Plus, it's organic and only contains healthy ingridents. Further, like Aduan, the brand has a good standing which is always nice to hear.

Writing this now makes me want a popkake!! They are so yummy! Easy to eat too. Which means, be carefull! Haha! Check out their website as they have great offers on package deals!

I have to say- this box is awesome! Seriously. It is such a great idea! When I opened the box I was amazed as to how many cute trinkets we got- they just kept coming! The box comes with a handy pouch that will fit sung into your bag for convenience. It really will cheer you up if that time of the month really sucks for you, which I know it can. What's cool about the parcel is that the goodies changes every month and you can never get enough of them! In my package I got a lipstick which lights up and contains a mirror! Awesome!

Heaven Skin Care is simply amazing. Amazing. I love the way the products feel on my skin. Especially the 'Hydro Cleansing Milk'. They are all made with exceptional ingridents designed to give you fuller and healthier living skin. Check out their website- they have so many ranges, there will be one to suit you. I am always happy with the results- they make me feel luxurious. Ahhhh...

I am still going through all the goodies and using them momentarily. Check out my Instagram for more reviews of some gifts!

Thanks again for the goodies, slowly but surely, I am loving them all!!

Shanté Violet x

Friday, 15 May 2015


Last month, law school gave me yet another 'break' (Easter holidays), so naturally, I decided to get away for a Ireland! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Dublin! I am blessed with opportunities to travel internationally often, and with that, I have always wondered what's happening up North! 
I took the hour flight with my mother and we stayed at The Morgan Hotel, in the heart of Temple Bar. (If you've been to Dublin City, you know Temple Bar is where it's at!). I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend stay in Dublin- from visiting Trinity College, the Guinness Storehouse and taking a scenic train ride to Howth for a seafood dinner. Upon my return (late Sunday evening), it was back to law school!...
...enjoy the pictures!
Lunch at the Elephant & Castle. They are famous for their wings!! Delicious!
 Trinity College and the Book of Kells.
Dublin Castle.
 We went to see the Irish play 'God Bless the Child' at the famous Gaiety Theatre and met these lovely ladies. It was hilarious! It got me feeling Irish! Haha!
Random hotel elevator picture- but look at the walls though! Cushioned!!
Typical Irish breakfast!
Saturday morning farmers' market. 
The Guinness Storehouse!!
The Guinness Storehouse is a MUST when you visit Dublin. We took waaaay more pictures than what you see here! I'm sure we all have had a pint or two of the good stuff- and actually seeing how its made and the history behind the beverage (as well as graduating from the academy!) was awesome!

We took the train along a scenic route to Howth, where we had a delicious seafood dinner. It was nice to get out of the busy city for a moment and have a peaceful, chilled evening, dining in a fabulous restaurant, meeting locals and bringing variety to our trip!
We could not leave Dublin and not have traditional stew and Guinness beef stew, right?! Twas delicious! Best warm-me-up! 
Back to London!

Have you been to Dublin? Such a vibrant city! It's a must!
Until next time,

*Apologies for the considerable delay in showing you guys my trip to Ireland- life happened! Anyone studying at law school or studying in general will understand!
Also, this will be my last post for a while (exam season has hit again!). BUT I WILL BE BACK! Much bigger and much, much, much better!! Watch this space! But for now, enjoy ALL my posts to date- I've seen progression! Here's to more ..

Thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them.